About us

A desire to make a change, education as an answer to a need for knowledge and care for the future generations. These were the motives for establishing PAR, the first educational group in Rijeka and Primorje – Gorski Kotar county in 2007. By this day, PAR has become known as an innovative international educational center, but also as a pioneer in the field, with– the first business school (in the Rijeka region), with a first scientifically – professional conference on leadership, the first higher education institution with an entrepreneurial incubator for students and the first sports academy, etc.


The Business Academy Rijeka, whose Croatian name forms the acronym PAR, was established 10 years ago with the mission to develop top educational programs and offer business consulting. This laid the foundation of PAR as the institution that guarantees quality, and it defined its future mission of bringing together the academic community and industry. The mission reflected in the continuous monitor of economic needs and investment in professional and scientific innovations and trends. Furthermore, the beginning of PAR is also connected with the German business school BA Nordhessen, that is a part of the group from Heidelberg, whose study program PAR offered as the first international professional study in our region.

Through a call for co-operation on an FP7 program, PAR employees and students participated at the World Conference of Rectors in 2009. That event made a meaningful impact in one more area that will become PAR’s competitive advantage and strategic orientation – internationalization of education and international cooperation. However, year of 2011 was a turning point. On 30th August 2011, Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of gave PAR the initial accreditation to conduct the professional study Business Management.

A record number of enrolled students, introducing two new international projects – INCASO and PAR International Leadership Conference that took place for the first time in February and March of 2012, marked a new beginning of Business school PAR and an orientation towards an entrepreneurially oriented higher education with a strong international dimension.

PAR had added new foundations and this young educational group started a process of developing into a serious competitor. On one side, PAR was forming a bond between the industry and education, and on the other side, this higher education institution with unique international programs started to attract students from around the world.

And so it arrives, the year of 2017 – equally important as the one of 2007. PAR educates around 300 participants of lifelong learning program yearly and around 200 full time and part time students and graduates. In January of 2017, Business school PAR went through regular procedure of higher institutions’ accreditation performed by the National Agency for Science and Higher Education.


Welcome to the modern PAR Educational Group!