In the goal of greater efficiency and effectiveness of professional and scientific research work as well as a study program that is performed or will be performed at the Business School PAR, departments are empowered as educational-organizational units.

As the foundation for the educational, professional and scientific activities of the Business School PAR, departments carry out the following functions:

–    organization and realization of scientific-educational work within the framework of the department
–    preparation of the work plan for the department and the monitoring of the implementation of the work program
–    creation of a proposed execution-educational plan for the courses that come under the department
–    attending to the enhancement of the curriculum
–    presenting proposed topics for the final student papers of the courses that come under the department
–    carrying out scientific research (studies, projects, reviews, etc.)
–    attending to the choice of scientific and educational advancement of fellow colleagues and instructors
–    cooperation with other organizational units and cooperation with industry
–    cooperation with scientific, professional and social institutions in the country and abroad
–    communicating the need for computer and/or other equipment in the scope of the department
–    selection of a demonstrator for individual departments, monitoring and evaluating the work of the demonstrator…

As a part of the department are organized the related or conceptually connected courses, i.e., courses that are contained within the study program, and all the teachers and collaborators who participate in the performance of the teaching activities prescribed by the educational plan of those subjects.

At the Business School PAR there are currently organized five departments:

  1. The department of management and administration
  2. The department of economics, finance and law
  3. The department of marketing and communication
  4. The department of applied sciences
  5. The department of foreign languages

The teaching, research and professional work of teachers is coordinated by the head of that department who is responsible for departmental work. The head of the department is selected from the instructors and is elected by the Senior Council for a term of two academic years.

In addition to representing the department, the head of the department is responsible for the development of the profession and the professional and scientific development of the members of the cadre, manages them, and proposes and operates proactively.