AAI(at)EduHr is an authenticaton and authorization infrastructure within the higher education system in Republic of Croatia. AAI(at)EduHr is technically constructed using distributed LDAP directories. Every institution within Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, included into the AAI(at)EduHr system, has its own LDAP diretory inside which are stored electronic identities of the user member of the institution.*

AAI(at)EduHr identity enables access to CARNet's (Croatian Academic and Research Network) services, for example the online learning platform CARNetLoomen or variety of online courses available exclusively to the members of the institution which is a member of the CARNet community. Therefore, all members of Business School PAR qualify for an AAI(at)EduHr identity which is created automatically after completing enrollment to the Business School PAR by the administrator of the LDAP directory. In case of your AAI(at)EduHr identity not being created or you don't possess your login details, you lost or forgot your login details, send an enquiry at admin@par.hr. You are going to need your login details (username and password) for your AAI(at)EduHr identity at some point of your education period to access the resources associated with this identity.

To find out more on AAI(at)EduHr identity, click here.

*retrieved from official website of AAI(at)EduHr, http://www.aaiedu.hr/stanje.html, translated by the Business School PAR