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The benefits of learning a foreign language are scientifically proven. The latest finding is that learning a foreign language triggers brain growth, as well as the development of cognitive and emotional abilities. This also contributes to a positive influence in the social dimension, resulting in practical benefits of learning a foreign language:

  • increasing competitiveness in the labor market – research shows that employers prefer employees who know or are learning another language in addition to English
  • enriching experience and boosting cultural awareness,
  • increasing self-confidence (empirically proven), and
  • a positive impact on all aspects of human nature.


During the academic year 2015/2016 there will be three terms of foreign language courses:

  •     AUTUMN TERM: 14.9 - 24.12
  •     WINTER TERM: 1.02 - 15.5
  •     SUMMER TERM: accelerated foreign language courses (TBA)

A single term of foreign language courses includes 60 hours of instruction, or 4 hours per week.
The price of one course is 1.585 kn + VAT

The Language Centre PAR offers foreign language courses of superior quality that are instructed according to modern principles of creative and integrated classes tailored to the specific needs of participants.

The programs are made according to the guidelines of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), which enables students to balance language learning through the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Lecturers of the Centre for languages PAR graduate as foreign language teachers with many years of experience working with young people and adults. This are people with experience in leading language courses for general and specific needs, which they have gained through working in different educational institutions and institutions at home and abroad.

Registration for the first term of training courses lasts from 1.9 to 14.9

Courses offered:

(If you are not sure of the level of your knowledge of a foreign language, in the following text can be downloaded Common European Framework of Reference for languages that will help you with it.)


English for beginners – for people lacking an English background or who have a poor basic knowledge of English (A1-A2). The aim of the course is to train students for the continuation to the course level A2 - B1.

The course of grammar of the English language – designed for people with a basic knowledge of English (A2 - B1). The aim of the course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of grammar and morphology of English with the aim of training students for advanced courses at level B1 - B2 and specialized courses.

Business English – for people with a basic knowledge of English at the lower level of B2. The aim of the course is to train students for written and oral communication in English in a business environment with an emphasis on cultural specificity of communication and presentation and communication skills.

Conversational course – intended for persons with a basic knowledge of English at the level B1 - B2. The course focuses on communicative competence, i.e. communication exercises in English.

Course of intercultural communication – for people with a basic knowledge of English at level B2 - C1. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with theories of intercultural communication, cultural specifics of Slavic, Romance language and Anglo-Saxon language groups and strategies for the development of intercultural communicative competence.

English Tourism and Hospitality – specialized English language training for people who deal with tourism and hospitality industries.

Preparation courses for TOEFL and IELTS tests – exercises develop the four basic skills; writing, reading, listening and speaking. In addition, preparation involves exercise strategies for taking standardized tests. Preparation courses will be carried out for 20 hours. Due to the One-on-One approach to all of our programs, students will be able to attend additional classes as needed and agreed upon.


The Language Centre PAR has become an authorized educational representative of the Language Center of New York. Through the establishment of overseas cooperation, the Rijeka center for foreign language learning has received a unique opportunity to represent and organize educational trips to the most exciting city in the world. The Language Center of New York has been active for over 25 years as an institution which enables high-quality courses in English as a second language in the scope of accredited programs. More information about the Language Center of New York can be found here.


In-house courses are courses intended for institutions, organizations and companies that have a specific need for learning a foreign language (foreign clients, international partners, work on projects, consulting services, internal communication, etc.). In-house courses are specific in that they are created especially for the client and provide strong support for learners / employees in order to achieve successful communication in a foreign language, and therefore business success.


The Language Centre PAR offers the ability to provide individual instruction wherein the professor creates a program for the specific needs of individual students. This method of teaching allows faster and easier adoption of the language and is able to focus the intensity of learning to its individual parts, according to the needs of students.

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