Competences gained upon graduation

The Business Management study program is based on the methodological principle of European professional studies. It is practice-oriented and reflects the needs of the labor market. Economy and logistics are taught through an even balance of theory and practice presented in obligatory and supplementary courses. Students acquire key competencies in mathematics, foreign languages, ICT, etc. The study guarantees academic quality and encourages participation for accumulating work experience.
The main goal is to provide students with professional skills and secure conditions for them to acquire competences for leadership, project management, basic methodological principles and communication in English; so that they will be recognized on the international labor market. Upon completion of their studies, students will be able to understand and evaluate economic and logistic potential in their jobs and lives.
Moreover, graduating from the Business School PAR as bachelors of economy, the students will be able to create and analyze planning tasks, organize optimal material expenses, describe production and its processes, control and realize business and/or transportation tasks. Moreover, future bachelors of economy will be equipped to function in project teams, participate in business communication, document creation, and analysis. Furthermore, they will also possess presentation skills and key competencies in mathematics, ICT, mother tongue and foreign languages.