The goal of the Business School PAR and its personnel is to provide quality education for future Bachelors of economy in the specific field of business management, to create young and inquisitive individuals that will accept the lifelong learning concept and use their knowledge and action for personal development and for the development of the society, to bravely accept challenges of the world of business and everyday life.
General goals
  • To enhance the connection between the education system and economy
  • To actively participate in developing the Knowledge society
  • To prepare students for the labor market and/or further education
  • To decrease worker outflow rates.
Specific goals
We expect our students to adapt to change and acquire abilities that will help them build a bright future for themselves and society. In order to satisfy student needs for this knowledge, our most important goals aim at:
  • Developing individuality and interaction
  • Synchronizing program requirements with the demands of/from the labor market
  • Developing individual entrepreneurial  competencies
  • Continuous assessment and development of the study program.