International Cooperation


Lehigh is a premier residential research university, ranked in the top tier of national research universities each year. They are a coeducational, nondenominational, private university that offers a distinct academic environment of undergraduate and graduate students from across the globe.
Their university offers majors and programs in four colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Business and Economics, The College of Education and The P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. More than 4,700 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students call Lehigh "home." Located in Pennsylvania’s scenic Lehigh Valley, the campus is situated on 1,600 acres in close proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. Since 1865, generations of students have chosen Lehigh for their educational experience. They know Lehigh is a place where they can make strong personal connections with faculty, conduct research in diverse fields of study, thrive in a dynamic campus community, form lasting bonds with Lehigh alumni, and learn from their own life experiences. (Retrieved from:



The Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University provides innovative leadership, applied management and cross-cultural learning experiences. Their primary mission is to improve leadership and entrepreneurship skills, to enhance business and industry knowledge and to demonstrate the positive impact of culture and diversity in an organizational setting.
“The idea for the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University emerged from the questions, ‘How do you go about building global leadership? How do you demonstrate to people from different worlds that their commonalities are greater than their differences?’ Lee Iacocca"
The Iacocca Institute provides unparalleled professional opportunities to learn, network, and develop new best practices and professional skills. Programs include the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry© program, the Global Village on the Move programs, the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship, Professional Education, and the Lee Iacocca International Internship program. Iacocca Institute staff members are dedicated to cultivating the potential of individuals by empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow. ( Retrieved from:

Business School PAR is Iacocca Institute's pre-selection representative. Namely, Business School PAR executes pre-selection of students and young professionals from the South-East Europe for Global Village and Pennsylvania School, and additionally,  offers «Executive professional program Iacocca Institute». We have the opportunity to offer scholarships for the most distinguished leadership program in the world, designed for the future young leaders and managers.



Global Village is a leadership program for future management and industry leaders. The program encompasses theory and practice, working on projects and business trips. It is offered to young professionals and experienced students who are building their career and wish to embrace a positive change in their life and build a global business network. Since its foundation, in 1997, Global Village hosted more than 1435 leaders, who represented 125 countries from all continents.

MICHEL BOŽAC (Business School “PAR” student) – “Besides true friendships which I gained while I stayed at the Lehigh University, Iacocca Institute, I was most impressed by the examples (case studies). I believe that these will directly help me in both planning and managing my future career, and also to use that knowledge to work with the future global leaders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Business school PAR on the chance I was given to participate in this remarkable program.



This unique program is educating about 70 best high school students from the USA and the rest of the world.  The four week-program encompasses global economics, leadership, innovation, creativity and global management. Pennsylvania School attendees partake in courses, presentations with global participants, as well as workshops, and visiting companies in New York, Harrisburg and Lehigh Valley. Until today, more than 700 High-school students participated in this program.



Quality professionals are looking for opportunities to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Iacocca Institute offers training seminars with programs that offer professionals the opportunity to assess and develop their performance skills, improve their knowledge of business and management, and develop and expand their professional network. Business School Par, in collaboration with the Institute, organizes Iaccoca Executive Leadership Program in Croatia.


EU projects
Business Academy Rijeka and Business School PAR have gained partnerships through international cooperation and experience of the employees and participated in several projects-programs of European Union. Projects in which we were engaged as collaborators are part of FP7 program which is main EU instrument for funding scientific research and development. In accordance with the development strategy of the Business School PAR the goal is to engage actively in the development of the local community and to develop new lifelong learning programs through EU-funded projects.

URSULA KREMENIĆ (student at the Business School PAR) - "By participating in the organization of the Fifth International Summer School senZations held in Rijeka, I recieved precious practical experience that will definitely be useful in future business situations. Of great importance to me is the network of contacts I gained as well as opportunity to improve my English."