Knowledge and Skills

The growing need for an integrated and all-encompassing approach to education has influenced the development of an interdisciplinary study program at the Business School PAR. Courses are created with the goal of offering key knowledge and skills in Business Management. Obligatory courses offer acquisition of key competencies and skills while supplementary courses offer specific skills.
Students acquire professional knowledge from courses based on the latest scientific findings which is crucial for developing specific skills and professional competencies. Specific areas include logistics, economy, marketing, management, foreign languages and modern technologies. Additionally, Business School PAR provides conditions for practical application of acquired skills through internships in companies or the student incubator. The practice is obligatory for all students, as prescribed by the study program, and puts an emphasis on the application of acquired knowledge. Moreover, it provides students with valuable practical  working experience by placing them in a realistic business  environment. This experience is an advantage students gain prior to graduation and raises  their competitiveness on the labor market and as candidates for graduate educational programs (e.g. professional graduate studies or international MBA studies).