Internship in the USA: apply for the Global Village program!


Do you ever think about the possibility of working in the USA and gaining valuable experience? „To meet people from over 50 countries, share affection, tears, joy, laughter and happiness... is what makes the Global Village program so special“, as portrayed by Tanja Randić, Intern from 2013.

Now YOU can join the prestigious leadership program for young leaders – Global Village in the USA. Business School PAR acts as a partnering institution with the Lehigh University and the Iacocca Institute and as the recruitment center for their programs.

Global Village is THE program for future leaders in management, entrepreneurship and industry. It is comprised of theoretical and practical classes, project workshops and business trips. It is designed for young people, young professionals and experienced students that are building their careers and want to make a positive change in their lives with a large worldwide connections. Since the program launched in 1997, more than 1750 interns from over 133 world countries, including Asia, Africa, North and South America and Europe, have attended the program.

This year, the program will be held in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, USA) at the Lehigh University and the Iacocca Institute from July, 27th to August, 1st. During the 5-day program, attendees will be faced with the most critical issues that trouble today's enterprises and businesses so that they could overcome them and be better prepared to confront them in real life. Through more than 30 lectures, international lecturers will present world trends in business and examples of successful management in the global market. Program managers will be there to help the attendees to fully develop and achieve their professional and personal goals. 






Feel free to contact us for any additional information!

Candidate manager:

Dario Zorić, Head of Logistics

Business School PAR, Trg Riječke rezolucije 4, 51000 Rijeka  / 0038551 327 037


Lee Iacocca, the founder of the Global Village programa, sent a message for all the Global Villagers:

"In a changing world, the first step towards leadership is taking advantage of a genuine opportunity. The second is recognizing those that do the same. 107 interns from 52 countries took that opportunity this summer and their lives changed forever."