Investing in innovation and student life quality for an education based on the modern student needs

Valentina Janjetic

In the time when we wonder should education be different or should it to respond to the needs created by life in general, society and the labor market, we do not ask questions, but - act! Business School PAR is a rapidly growing higher education institution, recognized for its different approach and a friendly and supportive learning environment by the students and for its trustworthiness and student breakthroughs by the parents. One of the advantages of studying at PAR is its location – the city of Rijeka is an urban area that guarantees security and infrastructure convenience, and is not lacking in charm and modernization.

Why choose Business School PAR in Rijeka? We bring you five reasons why PAR is the right choice for you! For more information contact our International Office via e-mail or by calling +385 51 327 037.


1. Studying is not just “going to college”, it is a place and time for a whole new life experience.

Being a student is a special experience for every person. By choosing a future profession and a study program that will take you there, new opportunities (or desires!) open up in front of you. Therefore, Business School PAR gives special attention just to the quality of student life. There are numerous examples; from Studious Wednesdays that bring lectures of prominent business figures or business trips to successful companies, to working within a student business incubator, as well as opportunities to gain credits abroad through student exchange, PAR’s summer schools, or at the partner’s higher education institutions.

In a recent survey, PAR’s students highlighted the warm atmosphere at the university and the availability of professors and staff as one of the indisputable advantages of studying at PAR. Also high on the list are the credibility that PAR achieved through quality education and teaching staff, the applicability of knowledge and career opportunities, a huge range of extra-curricular activities, flexibility, networking and an overall stimulating environment. According to student opinion, all of that makes PAR stand out from public universities. 


PAR students on the photo shooting for PAR's new campaign.


2. A different approach to education guarantees experience before entering labor market.

PAR offers students more than a diploma. Combining academic and practical approach with the real business environment, PAR offers knowledge based on what the labor market needs. The study program Business Management was created following the model of European professional studies and their methodological concept which emphasizes the acquisition of experience, i.e. practice and orientation to the labor market.

One of the innovations in the approach to professional practice is the launch of the Assessment Center and the PAR startup incubator for students. The task of the Assessment Center is to help students in career management and professional orientation, while the business incubator is a simulation of the working environment. Students can use the library, computer lab, a meeting room and a hall for presentations, as well as support of mentors from the institution and the industry. PAR students are working on PAR projects as well as on partners’. Some of the projects, such as an online wine shop, a gym, as well as a small family hotel in Austria, have been established as business entities of PAR students. Moreover, 75 per cent of PAR students are employed immediately upon graduating.


Promotion of PAR students: December 2015.


PAR provides me with new challenges every year, and memorable experiences. Already in the first two years of study I participated in four international conferences and summer school. This inspired us to organize an international student conference in Rijeka, and after that to start with the establishment of the student enterprises. - Nikolina Jovičić, a third year student


3. International (work) experience is at students’ reach for those who want it.

Business School PAR is part of the Erasmus network. Moreover, cooperation agreements with over 30 European educational institutions enable PAR to offer its students opportunities to gain international work experience or to study abroad. PAR also has the possibility of signing international agreements with companies in other European countries which gives its students the opportunity to do their internship through Erasmus in, for example, Germany or Spain. Those who choose to do their internships at home can use the student exchange to study abroad or to write their thesis at a partnering institution.


I am aware that I decide how much opportunities I'm going to take that PAR provides, and there are plenty. I recently organized an international student school with colleagues, then we have participated in the national startup competition where we won the third place. I was also a part of a team that developed a mobile application with a European company. I am motivated, and in accordance with that, engaged in a number of projects from which you always learn something new. - Borna Alač, a third year student


Besides that, PAR organizes several international programs annually, where students can engage both as interns or participants, such as the annual conference PAR International Leadership Conference, International Carnival School, and summer schools Sail and Learn and SenZations. In addition to these programs, PAR students can apply to go to the United States, either through the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry organized by the Institute Iacocca, or to learn English in New York through PAR's Center for languages. 


Summer school Sail and Learn was held for the first time in 2016 as an innovative concept of project work on boats that sail on the most beautiful Adriatic islands.



4. Innovations in curriculum and quality assurance are PAR’s priorities that guarantee their commitment to the well-being of students.

Business School PAR has built a strong partnership over the years with top American educational institutions, Lehigh University and the Iacocca Institute. PAR has been a regional selection center for their program Global Village for many years now, a partner in organizing the annual conference PILC and one of European institutions for summer internship of Lehigh students. 

The many years of cooperation with American institutions heavily influenced PAR and allowed introducing innovations in the study program modeled by the US higher education due to the fact that Lehigh is among the top 50 US universities.

PAR offers students gaining insight into the specific business sector during their study. These activities are carried out in three ways - through the Student business incubator, guest lecturers from industry and study visits, but also through the participation in business events such as conferences and networking meetings. All of that helps students build an occupational orientation and basic skills for business communication.

Consequently, PAR students become more competitive on the labor market, but also when continuing their studies, either to the professional graduate studies or international MBAs.


5. We offer PAR students the opportunity for international IPMA certification for project management.

Business School PAR has become the proud partner of the Croatian Association for Project Management and their Coordination Centre in Rijeka. As a regional certification center, PAR is authorized to carry out preparatory seminars for the certification of project managers. The newly established cooperation will provide PAR students with special discounts on preparation for the IPMA Project Manager Level D certification.



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