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Business Academy Rijeka, as a company that offers life-long learning programs, has been offering strategic development courses in the counties of Primorsko-goranska and Istarska. This program includes courses in management, sales, marketing, finance, and logistics, as well as writing and managing EU projects. Our lecturers are renowned experts, who transfer their knowledge and know-how in an articulate manner.
We have developed a set of specialized professional development courses, such as: General Management Program Management Program for Students, , Courses for Entrepreneurs, various courses for hair-stylists and make-up artists, Management Skills Program, Logistics Program, Programs for Senior Citizens, ICT Programs, In-house foreign language courses, etc.
So far, we have educated more than 500 people from over 70 companies in our region (two counties).
Anonymous feedback from our development course attendees
Time Management
The knowledge I gained through this course is instantly applicable. I have learned how to minimize and fight off «time thieves» and how to manage my priorities. I benefited the most from the exercises we have done during the course, because these allowed me to momentarily apply the presented material and to see and then correct my «mistakes». Personally, I believe that the lecturer was very competent and very well organized.
Presentation and Communication Skills
The lecturer was a living proof of a good presenter; he used technology so well that it seemed easy and natural. This led the whole course in a really good direction.
Communication Workshop
A completely different (and new) way to solve every-day problems and situations in the work place (as well as out of work place).
Creating marketing plan
This is such a practical and useful seminar that I have texted some of my friends, who might be interested, during the coffee break and recommended it!
Team Leadership
I found the exercise 'team work' the most useful because I had a feeling that it has improved my communication, which will consequently and eventually improve my team work.
Personal branding – getting the job you want
I learned how to present myself to the potential employer, and to achieve the wanted effect by using certain methods and tools.
Time management
From now on I will prioritize differently. I am determined to use all the tools that were taught, and to be the master of my time, both in personal and professional life. I find it impressive that the lecturer managed the lecture timing so well, although we made quite a lot digressions during class. So, congratulations to the lecturer!
Presentation and communication skills
The course is extremely informative and useful.
Team Leadership
I got the most use from the WORKSHOP – it just made the theory clear and sensible!
This seminar is useful to both team leaders and team members – it teaches you that you are not alone and that you can expect success only if you cooperate with other team members. Well done!
Finance and Expenses Management
The course taught me how to create a balance, and I got useful information on how to make time deposits. The seminar is of good quality, and it  will help my future professional development.
Presentation and Communication Skills
From all the seminars I ever attended, this was the most interesting, most fun, most informative and at the same time, the most relaxed seminar ever. My attention and concentration level had not dropped even for a moment. It was that interesting!
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