Student Athletes: the Sport Academy

Croatia is a country whose athletes have won many European and world championships and earned prizes, cups and medals. We have enjoyed the success of the soccer, handball and water-polo national teams as well as those of regional volleyball, soccer, handball and water-polo teams, and last but not least the individual sports. Great results demand great physical and psychological efforts, travelling and giving up. The „giving ups“very often include dedication to academic and professional education. 
Business School PAR has recognized the need for a quality education of top athletes and developed a specialized program for them, within the frame of the Business Management study program. The goal is to give professional, top athletes the opportunity to acquire relevant skills for a more prospective future. The emphasis within the study program is on consultative educational methods and mentorship, modification of the exam dates and deadlines as well as an adjustment to the needs of the athletes themselves. Student athletes are provided with all study materials and information on course requirements. Such approach enables them to follow their success as athletes, but to also make plans for the future, which enrollment to PAR will most certainly support.
The idea of developing a sport study group emerged in 2008 and was developed through cooperation between the Business School PAR and the Rijeka Sport Alliance. The City of Rijeka has supported the specialized program since its inception and finds it a precious initiative and an investment into the future of the region since top athletes are valuable as potential future leaders. 
Each academic year, the number of student athletes that attend PAR grows including students from all sports, but mostly from soccer, handball, water-polo, tennis and volleyball. Hence, PAR has educated many famous and very successful Croatian athletes, e.g. Samir Barać, European and world champion in water-polo that went on to become the president of the Rijeka Sport Alliance or Ana Jelušić, Croatian ski representative that was an honor student and is currently employed at the International Olympic Committee. Both of these top athletes have proven that investing in education is the best investment imaginable. As members of the PAR Alumni, both still participate in PAR related activities.
The importance of education is emphasized by a large number of student athletes currently enrolled at PAR, including water-polo champions and members of the Primorje water-polo club; Ivan Krapić, Sandro Sukno i Anđelo Šetka, soccer players of the FC Rijeka; Luka Marić, Ivan Vargić, Ivan Mance i Diego Živulić, and several others.
To better communicate their needs, PAR student athletes have established a NGO association called PAR Sports whose president is Samir Barać himself.
For more information on the Business Management program as well as on the Sports Academy please contact us via e-mail (, phone call (+ 385 51 327 322) or visit us at the following address: Trg Riječke rezolucije 4, 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia.