Students' Professional Practice

The Business management study program was created based on the European business schools’ practices and their methodological concepts. Accordingly, PAR places an emphasis is on accumulation of work experience, i.e. practice/labor market needs. The Business Management study program has 3 main focus areas: general, basic economics and professional studies.
The first year of the study program is dedicated to general and basic economic courses. The second year focuses on professional and business management, courses. While in the third year, i.e. the fifth semester,; students may choose courses in the fields of finance and logistics. The last, sixth, semester is completely dedicated to acquiring professional competences through practice. Our students are given a choice to either enter a company to gain a professional experience or to join the Student Business Think Tank.
The time spent working for the incubator or company provides students with valuable experience. As mentioned, the Business Management study program was created with the purpose of encouraging student participation in the world of business and thus providing them with valuable professional, working experience. In addition, the program offers courses of high academic quality. The basic goals for students are gaining professional knowledge, developing project management skills, understanding business theory and being able to effectively communicate in the English language. Our unique international perspective on business management education will provide future bachelors of economy a competitive advantage on the global market.