Help using Webmail service


  1. How to access the PAR Webmail?
  2. Forgot your password?
  3. Settings to receive your mail to your mobile device
  4. Setting up the email client to receive your mail



1. How to access the PAR Webmail?

Visit the webmail client address at Enter your login details, in the first field enter your full email address and in the second one your password you received once your email account has been opened by the Business school PAR. In future, you can access the webmail client via the main menu item on the official website of the Business school PAR.


2. Forgot your password?

If you lost your password, forgot it, or for any other reason don't have your password to access your mailbox, send an email to the address containing your personal identification number and as a reply you will receive a reset password you can change later on if you desire and continue accessing your account.


3. Settings to receive your mail to your mobile device

  • incoming mail server:
  • outgoing mail server:
  • incoming mail port: 110 (Secure and non-Secure)
  • outgoing mail port: 25
  • if you are experiencing problems sending mail through port 25, you can use port 587 (unencrypted) or 465 (SSL encrypted)


4. Setting up the email client to receive your mail

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you wish to receive your mail into your email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird (recommended due to easier setup) or Microsoft Outlook, take following steps:

  • download the open-source application Mozilla Thunderbird from the address, installation is very straightforward
  • after running the application, click on the menu in the upper right corner (three-dot icon, choose Options -> Account Settings
  • new email account settings window is opened, in the bottom of the window click the Account Actions button and then choose Add Mail Account
  • enter your full name in the first field, email address in the second field and your password in the third field
  • application will automatically find the server settings and offer you final settings
  • choose the POP3 configuration and click Done
  • notice: when sending your email for the first time, you are going to have to confirm the exception for the security certificate in the window that pops up after clicking Send, afterwards try to resend the email if it was unsuccessfully sent the first time


Microsoft Outlook

  • for details on how to setup your email account in the Microsoft Outlook email client, please visit the following address