International cooperation

Welcome to the Business School PAR, the first and only private higher education institution in Rijeka, the biggest Croatian seaport.

(Photo taken from the official site of  Rijeka Tourist Board)

Business school PAR (PAR) is the only business school in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County accredited  by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports that currently conducts an undergraduate professional study program Business Management. Through its short history, the Business School PAR has built a strong Alumni network with about 150 former students.

The Business School PAR is a modern higher education institution with an all-encompassing approach to professional education. The professional study program is conducted in close cooperation with the business sector and through partnerships with leading SMEs, which provides students with valuable experience based on equal proportions of theory and practice.

By creating a positive impact on the economy, and an empowering influence on the students, PAR strongly supports the startup culture, life-long learning, and entrepreneurship.

The educational principles that drive the Business School PAR are building experience, practicing skills, testing ideas, and creating strong professionals.

The study program requirements add up to students developing skills and challenging their ideas real-time. To provide its students with a chance to be up to date with the latest trends in the business and industry, PAR has established the Student Startup Incubator which allows them to practice their business ideas freely and encourages them to explore their professional identities with guidance from mentors and professional orientation experts.

 The students are highly encouraged to move on to the Startup Incubator Rijeka and continue to the incubation phase. Namely, the Business School PAR has established a partnership with the mentioned startup incubator, that is led by the City of Rijeka.

PAR students have entered several national and international startup competitions, opened several new businesses, and started an online news website that promotes successful stories of businesswomen.

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