Internship programs

Integration of culture and business, 8-week program


The Business School PAR Internship Program:

The Business School PAR and the Business Academy Rijeka offer an International Internship Program that is project-oriented learning opportunity for undergraduate students to gain experience through research assignments, development of already earned business skills, and enhancing of their overall development.

The program allows motivated students to introduce new ideas, tackle challenging assignments, and develop new skills of expertise while experiencing a foreign culture.


Training Program Assistant/Program Development Specialist

The Business School PAR Internship Program takes an active role in preparing students for the world of work.  This program will provide a unique and interesting experience to participate in a real-work experience at an international destination.

With this program students will:

  • Make a connection between classroom knowledge and the business world.
  • Clarify educational and career goals.
  • Improve academic knowledge based on real-work situations, communication skills, and contribution to projects.
  • Develop insight to a profession and business.
  • Pursue challenging goals and develop self-confidence.


Internship assignments:


Weekly journals: Students will create weekly journals including their job activities, new learning experiences and opportunities, insights and issues about the business, and application of skills learned.


Internship Goals: Students will set at least three personal goals relative to the internship indicating desired accomplishments.  Goals are due by the end of the first week of the start of the internship.


9 Week Internship breakdown:


Week 1:  Business School Organization of Studies

  • Students will familiarize themselves with everyday tasks of the Admission´s Division, Cashier´s Division, Registrar´s Office, and Lifelong Learning Department.


Week 2:  Program marketing and Event Coordination

  • Students will get introduced to graphic and web design, communication process and organization of events, material creation, and product activities and promotion.


Week 3:  Product Sales Division

  • Students will get introduced to our educational products and learn different ways of product sale.


Week 4: EU Projects Division

  • Participants will request for EU and local tenders related to education via the Internet, get introduced and involved with strategy research and project writing, and communicate with national and international partners.


Week 5:  Business School Logistics

  • Participants will learn about the student incubator, internship programs, non-profit division, and information technology.
  • They will explore how they operate,  its benefits for students, and the organization.


Week 6:  Public Relations

  • Students will monitor procedures for maintenance of public relations, communicate with the public about future plans and activities of the organization, and communicate with the media.


Week 7: Local Businesses Tour

  • Participants will visit local businesses and experience many valuable every day work situations and acquire skills that can be transferred to their careers.
  • They will communicate with professionals who already work in their field, which will help them in choosing their career path.


Week 8: Business and Culture

  • Students will recognize the importance of culture in the field of business and decision making.  They will mingle with Croatian students, as well as businessmen and women, and learn the main differences between the American and Croatian way of doing.


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