Lifelong learning

We engage in lifelong learning programs voluntarily for personal and professional growth. However, every opportunity to learn is not always deliberate but rather, echoes through our everyday activities. The Business School PAR is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning values, creating a positive attitude towards learning, and opening up to new learning opportunities.

The Business School PAR encourages and values education in every aspect of life and in every form. Business school PAR employees and lecturers continuously learn and expand their knowledge throughout various educations, national and international conferences and personal and business coaching. Moreover, PAR offers high – quality lifelong learning programs to those who wish to pursue their personal and professional development.

The area in which lifelong learning programs developed by PAR specialize in are tourism, management, sales, marketing, finance, logistic, writing and managing EU projects. Our lecturers are professionals in various fields, experienced entrepreneurs and they pass on know-how knowledge with the help of developed and accredited programs.

PAR offers numerous opportunities to those who enroll in these lifelong learning programs and guarantees quality in every aspect. The Business school PAR values voluntary work as a way of informal learning and as an express of socially responsible behavior which makes not only new opportunities for learning but also encourages personal development through emotional engagement in the local community.


Lifelong learning programs developed by the Business School PAR are conducted in Croatian and include the following programs:

  1. Accredited by Croatian ministries:

a) Courses for Tourist Guides

b) Tourist Agency Manager

c) Accountant

d) EU projects Manager

e) Head of PR

f) Sports Manager

  1. Accredited by the Business School PAR:

a.    Foreign languages (Center for languages)

   a) Open courses

   b) Individual training

   c) ECTS awarded courses

b.    Short seminars and trainings in fields:

   a) Management (all levels)

   b) Leadership (high management)

   c) PR, Marketing and Protocol

   d) Soft Skills

c.    Specialized in-house training and business consulting