Seminars and training

Awareness about the needs of employers, employees and the labour market is the essence of the PAR’s operations and the business education portfolio of this educational institution located in the heart of Rijeka. A modern approach, use of technology and flexibility are the advantages of participating in the lifelong learning of PAR’s Academy for lifelong education. On the other hand, the timely ensuring of a proper education is the task of employers and HR managers of every company.  Furthermore, numerous studies indicate that the employees for whom employers ensure regular (and meaningful) education are much more satisfied!

Our lecturers are experts from various economic sectors and they transfer know-how knowledge through developed and proven programs.

For the needs of our students, we have developed a whole host of specialized programs according to the target groups:

  • Student Management Program
  • Management Program
  • programs for craftsmen
  • logistics programs
  • entrepreneurial skills programs
  • ICT program
  • in-house foreign language courses,
  • programs for retired persons, etc.

Seminars, training and courses are conducted through several centers and the academies:

Project academy

Programs for development of the professional skills necessary for the drafting, preparation and implementation of projects, with special emphasis on projects of the European Union.

Marketing and PR academy

Programs in the areas of creative and direct marketing, communication and presentation skills, media, event management and the management of crisis situations are necessary for the successful realization and positioning of business ideas.

HR academy

Programs are intended for the acquisition of skills and the adoption of the tools necessary for the successful setup, dissemination and realization of business goals, and maximization of business performance in traditional personnel areas and in top management.

Leadership academy

Programs intended for acquisition of the skill of successful management of knowledge and the emotions and motives of employees with the aim of creating efficient and effective teams geared for success.

Management academy

  • Center for planning and organization
  • Center for business process management
  • Center for sales management
  • Center for accounting and finance
  • Center for logistics
  • Center for personal and professional development

Center for business communication

Programs of professional development are focused on acquisition of the skill of successful business communication that is essential for business success.

Center for sports management

Programs of professional training are designed for the acquisition of the skill of successful, efficient and effective management of sports organizations.

Center for foreign languages

Courses are intended for all those who want to learn to communicate in a foreign language for professional purposes. Groups of students are formed on the basis of the level of knowledge – from beginner to advanced.

“A very practical seminar on the basis of which I learned a lot about the organization of our personal time, what things steal time and how to prevent this, and about how to determine life’s priority goals.  Especially useful to me were the exercises by which I could immediately see my weaknesses and how to improve them. Personally, I liked the expertise of our speakers and the organization and structure of the seminars. The seminar was full of overall useful information that I can apply to real life.”

Time management

“From the lecturers of today’s seminar we saw a good approach to presentation and excellent use of technology that come across as completely natural, and how to direct a group in the desired direction.”

Presentation and communication skills

“A different (new) approach to solving everyday problems and situations at work (and in private life).”

Communication workshop