Summer School Sail and Learn

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General Program Description

Summer School Sail and Learn offers a unique cultural and educational experience for international students giving them a chance to experience and explore this tourist boom in world-famous tourist destinations. The program allows them to combine that experience with the Business Model Canvas methodology to build new business models, entrepreneurial ideas and projects related to top tourist destinations.

The program is based on the principles of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) where students develop their own innovative models by working in teams. The program is specific since it is held on several locations in the Central Dalmatia, i.e. the Croatian Adriatic Sea, and students are situated on sailboats travelling from one island to another. Island hoping allows students to experience the full extent of Croatia’s tourist season in some of the most popular world – class tourist destinations, during the Ultra Summer Festival. All in all, the whole program immerses students into the touristic experience, and is organized so that each moment is an opportunity for learning. Students attend organized workshops and lectures in two modules; Cultural and Academic. The Cultural Module consists of lectures by local entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as educational excursions, while the Academic Module consists of workshops in BMC and Leadership, and Marketing and Innovative Tourism. Students are required to create a project/entrepreneurial idea by the end of the program.

The overall goals of the program are to:

  • develop an interdisciplinary approach to idea and concept development in tourism and business
  • provide a culturally enriched experience, and familiarize international students with the historical backbone of touristic offers in Croatia
  • provide participants with skills and knowledge in leadership (esp. team management and intercultural conflict resolution), entrepreneurship (BMC) and innovative tourism
  • develop an idea or a project related to tourism based on the pre-selected BMC principles


This program can be attended by BA and MA level students with an interest in developing knowledge about entrepreneurship, marketing, and creative techniques, as well as developing communication skills and teamwork skills by working in international student teams. Students who enroll into the program ought to have the knowledge of:

  • the basic economic and business terms
  • the function of a business and a marketing plan
  • demand and supply, and their function in economy
  • managerial and leadership skills in theory
  • presentation and communication skills
  • experience of working in teams
  • English proficiency (the program will be conducted completely in English, so students should have at least a B2 level proficiency (according to the European CEFR)

The Sail and Learn 2018 program

14. – 21.07.2017.

Brač, Hvar, Vis, Šolta (Croatia)

Extended application deadline: 15.06.2018.

Program workshop titles for 2018:

  • Innovation: Idea Formation and Validation
  • Introduction to Innovative Tourism
  • Marketing Analysis Basics
  • The Structure of a Marketing Plan
  • Business Model Generation: Introduction
  • Business Model Generation: Start Planning
  • Destination Management and Innovation I
  • Team Awareness Strategies
  • Business Model Generation: The Finale
  • Destination Management and Innovation II
  • The Business Plan in Tourism
  • Leadership Workshop

Program lecture topics and additional program activities:

  • Guest Lectures on the Islands of Hvar and Vis (three sessions)
  • The Military Tour of the Island of Vis (professional, guided tour)
  • Feedback Sessions with the Program Manager (twice during the program)
  • Teamwork and Mentoring Sessions (guided by the lecturers)
  • Sailing Lessons (provided by the skippers)


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