Mission, vision, goals


To become a leading international center for education in the region. Education is our passion and we want to share that passion with you by providing you with an unforgettable experience of change, growth and success.


PAR connects people with knowledge, thus providing them with an unforgettable experience of positive change.  Through cooperation with the academic community, the labour market and innovation in education, we create competent individuals in society and encourage an entrepreneurial culture.


General goals of the Business School PAR apply to partaking in the influence and the effect of fellow institutions of higher education in the furthering of development of the Republic of Croatia. Among the most important include:

  • Better relations between the educational system and economic affairs
  • Active participation in community development
  • Better preparation of youth for the labour market or continued studies
  • Prevention of the mass exodus of youth


The specific goal the Business School PAR relates to the students themselves and represents everything that the student can gain from enrollment and completion of the studies with the purpose of fulfilling student needs for knowledge and skills, adapting through changes and acquiring skills that will help them in building their future. Among the most important are:

  • Development of creativity, individuality and interactiveness
  • Customization of the program according to the needs of the labour market
  • Development of the entrepreneurial skills of the individual
  • Recognition and validation of acquired knowledge on the European knowledge market and the European labour market
  • Continuous monitoring and development of educational programs and career planning for individuals