Arrival at PAR

Students attend the program at PAR as the host institution for a certain period of time (most often – one semester / 15 weeks) after which the student goes back to its original institution to continue the studies. During the mobility period, the student is enrolled at its own institution, and is registered as an exchange student at the Business School PAR. During the mobility, student attends courses and takes exams following the Learning Agreement.

After the mobility period, student is issued a Confirmation that can be used at the sending institution to verify the mobility period.




Winter Semester: 01.06.

Summer Semester: 01.01.

Teaching and non-teaching staff incoming mobility at the Business School PAR is conducted for the purpose of teaching, professional education, job shadowing, participation in workshops, seminars and courses organized by the Business School PAR, discussing international cooperation and preparation and participation in international projects.

The vice-dean of research and international cooperation issues the invitation letters for incoming staff members.