Incoming staff

We are a higher education institution open to the world!


The study programs conducted by the Business School PAR fully subscribe to the Bologna process. Our Quality system subscribes to the ESG guidelines.

The Business School PAR is a modern higher education institution with an all-encompassing approach to professional education. The professional study program is conducted in close cooperation with the business sector and through partnerships with leading SMEs, which provides students with valuable experience based on equal proportions of theory and practice.

The goal of the Business School PAR is to empower students to develop new skills, to utilize their creativity and explore the possibilities of the modern economy in order to become successful professionals.

By creating a positive impact on the economy, and an empowering influence on the students, PAR strongly supports the startup culture, life-long learning, and entrepreneurship. 

Teaching and non-teaching staff incoming mobility at the Business School PAR is conducted for the purpose of teaching, professional education, job shadowing, participation in workshops, seminars and courses organized by the Business School PAR, discussing international cooperation and preparation and participation in international projects.

The vice-dean of research and international cooperation issues the invitation letters for incoming staff members.

Besides receiving lecturers in shorter and longer periods, the Business School PAR organizes several programs and projects throughout the academic year where both students and lecturers are invited to participate: