Internationalization strategy

Business School PAR is, to this day, the first and only private higher education institution in the Primorje – Gorski kotar county. It conducts a bachelor level stud program Business Management, based on the principles of offering equal proportions of theory and practical knowledge. That is what makes PAR’s program unique, and it is an idea that underlies its other activities as well.

PAR develops its international activities by creating quality international program, integrating trends and latest scientific findings into its curriculum, as well as through cooperation with respective partners that have similar strategic goals. Cooperation with international higher education institutions is established via both Erasmus and bilateral agreements.

Business School PAR does not have a study program in English, however it offers two semesters in English, i.e. two modules with courses in English taught in each semester. Additionally, PAR organizes other international programs and projects that contribute to the institution’s internationalization. These international programs are organized throughout the academic year and have miscellaneous content, so that they ensure diversity and competitiveness.  However, one of the priorities defined by PAR’s internationalization strategy is developing a whole study program in English.

The Business School PAR has made the international experience an integral part of its curriculum, starting in the academic year 2015/2016. PAR students are required to participate in international programs in the minimum amount of 5 ECTS points during their bachelor studies. This experience can be gained at any international program conducted by the Business School PAR, or in some other program approved by the Business School PAR.