Organizational structure

Business school PAR is managed by three bodies: Governing Council, the Dean and the Academic Council.

The Governing Council has the following authorities and responsibilities:

  • achieves activities of the Business School
  • carries out the decisions of the Academic Council
  • confirms the elected Dean in accordance with the founders
  • proposes change or expansion of activities to the founder
  • decides on annual student enrollment quotas
  • decides on calls for academic elections for teaching and associate positions
  • decides on establishing cooperation with other academic and scientific institutions in Croatia and abroad


The Governing Council has five members from which three of them are appointed by the majority founder, and the other two by the Academic Council. The President of the Governing Council of the Business school PAR is chosen among its members by a majority vote.

The expert leader of the Business school PAR is the Dean. Dean is chosen and resolved of duty by the Academic Council and his/her election is confirmed by the Governing Council. The Dean is elected every four years and the same person may be elected again.

The Dean performs the following tasks:

  • organizes and manages the work of the school and its organizational structure
  • represents the school
  • proposes candidates for vice-deans and counselors
  • decides on general acts with approval of the Governing Council
  • makes financial plans and the annual budget for Business School PAR with approval of the founder
  • takes responsibility for the legality of work and rational usage of material and human resources
  • decides on the study program and makes plans for future activities and development of the Business School PAR
  • decides on financing professional and scientific trainings for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • creates suggestions about measures of progress for the Governing Council
  • implements decisions made by the Governing Council and takes part in their activities without the right to vote

Dean is responsible for the legality of work of the Business school PAR, and answers to the Governing Council and the Academic Council of the Business School. There are 3 vice-deans who help the Dean in his/her work.

  • The vice-dean for Teaching and Quality Management –Dijana Vuković, M.Sc.
  • The vice-dean for Scientific and International Affairs –Bisera Karanović, Ph.D.
  • The vice-dean for Business Cooperation and Lifelong Learning – Milica Šuljić Potkonjak, M.Sc.

The members of the Academic Council are professors and associates of the Business School and of student representatives. Students make up at least 15 % of overall Council members, and are elected by students among themselves.

The Academic Council:

  • decides on to expert and teaching issues
  • elects the Dean by the confirmation from the Governing Council and the founder
  • elects vice-deans and dean’s counselors based on the proposal made by the Dean and two Governing Council members
  • suggests the School’s statute, regulations and codex to the Governing Council
  • suggests the School’s study program and the program’s executive plan to the Governing Council.
  • suggests the requirements for students’ enrollment and enrollment quotas to the Governing Council
  • suggests opening calls for teaching and professional academic titles to the Governing Council
  • suggests the establishment off cooperation with other academic communities and scientific institutions in country and abroad to the Governing Council


The Business School has founded an Economic Council as well, as its advisory body. Its members are from the economy and industry, as well as entrepreneurs who give suggestions about changes to the plan and program based on new trends in the economy and the market.