The bachelor’s degree provides students with general qualifications, and opens up many opportunities for career development, including the continuation of studies at the graduate level. Students acquire the title of undergraduate when they achieve a sufficient number of ECTS credits and successfully meet the criteria of all modules, in accordance with the regulations on studying. In order to successfully meet the criteria of the module, it is necessary to pass a written and/or an oral exam, give a presentation, write the student work, etc., depending on the specifications of the course requirements regulated by the set goals and outcomes of learning.

The point system of the Business School PAR is in accordance with the ECTS point system. The ECTS scoring system is based on the student workload required for the fulfillment of the learning outcomes of individual courses. ECTS credits are a reflection of the workload of a course in relation to the total workload, which is necessary for the completion of one academic year at the institution. 60 ECTS credits corresponds with one academic year.  1 ECTS point corresponds with a 30-hour workload of a full-time student specified in relation to a total of 1800 hours throughout the entire academic year. The Business School PAR fully acknowledges the courses laid out in foreign institutions, along with an official transcript of grades. If a foreign institution does not use the ECTS system, points will be recognized and converted to the value equivalents of ECTS points.

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