Student Council

The Student Council of the Business School PAR (SZ PAR) acts as a non-partisan and non-political representative body of students that represents the interests of students of the Business School PAR.

SZ PAR is made up of representatives of students of all years of study at the Business School PAR, gathered in assembly.

The task of SZ PAR is to represent the interests of all students of the Business School PAR and to attend to the implementation and quality of the study programs, the upholding of student rights and the quality of student life.  In addition, SZ PAR organizes student events during the year, such as the PAR freshman party (brucošijada) and humanitarian actions, and also participates in the organization and implementation of the international programs of PAR, such as the international carnival school INCASO.

Student elections for the representatives of students are held every year. Following the instatement of the Student Council Assembly, a president is elected by the Student Council.

The president of the Student Council is Valerija Krasnić, 3rd year student, and his deputy is Robert Jotanović, 1st year student.

Representatives of SZ PAR regularly participate in the meetings and the assembly of the Council of students of high schools and colleges of the Republic of Croatia.