Erasmus +

The Business School PAR received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and became part of the Erasmus + program in December 2014. PAR has signed a number of inter-institutional Erasmus agreements so far, with respective higher education institutions from all over Europe. Its reputation, the multiculturalism of programs, and rich international experience is based on a long-term experience in hosting both exchange students and staff.

The Erasmus program implies numerous opportunities for mobility between institutions in terms of study, teaching and training. Internships in companies are recognized as part of those courses which include practical work or as a part of the Student startup incubator and are also included in the Diploma Supplement.

Besides gaining practical working experience during the studies, Business School PAR emphasizes mobility, student exchange and international spirit.  As the central administration related to Erasmus, the Office promotes mobility for both students and the teaching and non-teaching staff, endorses internationalization activities and represents the Business School PAR on an international level.


Business School PAR is currently participating in:

  • KA103 project with program countries for 2016 and 2017
  • KA107 project with partner countries for 2017
  • KA108 project as a member of the accredited National consortium for mobility for 2017

All Erasmus mobility participants must undergo language evaluation before engaging in the exchange. Online Linguistic Support – OLS is available based on the evaluation results.